Hi! My name is Jodi Brown and I am the master educator at Jodi's School of Music. I found my passion when I was just 5 years old, and have been playing piano ever since. I began formal lessons at age 7 with Grace Ohm, who lived down the block from me and also taught my older brother and sister. When I was 5, I was allowed to participate in my sister's piano recital, as she had taught me the song about the ice skater. I got a standing ovation! One would think this was the start of my musical career, but my mother shared with me that when she played piano while pregnant with me (she LOVED the Chopin Waltz's, especially the "Minute Waltz"!), I tossed and turned and danced in the womb. She knew I loved music and played as often as she could, enjoying her unborn child's responses. I do suppose this is where my musical career truly began.

I studied with Nancy Christianson from age 14 through high school. Mrs. Christianson changed everything about the way I was approaching the piano, particularly from a technical standpoint. Without her grooming, I would have never been accepted into college and would not be the pianist I am today. I attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, having the opportunity to study with John Metz, Dr. Richard Stanton, and Dr. David Worth. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance, with a vocal performance minor.

I began teaching piano students in 1980. In 1990, I added Kindermusik classes to my repertoire of teaching. To fully embrace Kindermusik, I continued my studies in child development as Kindermusik offers programs for newborns through age 7. What most captivated me about Kindermusik was its philosophy of nurturing the student and the family. Kindermusik International molds their educators to teach the child, the whole child, and not the curriculum. It was during these years of education that I honed my teaching skills.
I currently study with Don Lehmann in Portland, OR. The prominent mentors in his life were Theodore Leschetizky, who became one of the most eminent piano teachers in history, and Alexander Raab. Again, my technical skills have been changed and refined, and my piano playing and teaching skills have transformed from a dream I once strived for to a way of life I truly cherish. Today, with every new piece of music I pick up to play, learn, study or teach, a new door opens technically, musically, and historically. I, like many others, can never stop learning about this beautiful instrument, the piano.

In addition to my role at the studio, I am active in Partnership in Kindermusik Educators and National Federation of Music Clubs, assuming leadership roles on both a local and state level.