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Kindermusik offers you that one special place where you and your child can move, sing & play instruments and also learn about music, share a story, create, explore & more! Each class is an exciting world of music, discovery & adventure. It all happens in a nurturing environment full of music, dancing, imagination & playful delight.

Smiles & satisfaction guaranteed!


Every enrollment includes ~

  • Weekly developmentally appropriate classes - 35 classes between September - June plus 6 required classes during summer months of July & August
  • Kindermusik At Home materials - new set of materials every 10 - 18 weeks
  • Parent resources, including helpful tips & communication from Kindermusik International's extensive research on child & brain development
  • Private lessons so lesson plans can be customized to meet each individual child's needs


Each week in class impacts you & your child in profound ways because ~

  • Every Kindermusik activity has a musical & developmental purpose
  • The curriculum is specifically designed to stimulate & strengthen the vital neural wiring in your child's mind
  • Kindermusik is a child-centered curriculum supported by over 30 years of experience in music and child development
  • Kindermusik combines the best music learning methods founded by Orff, Kodaly & Suzuki
  • Kindermusik's at home materials let you take the music, fun & learning with your wherever you go
  • Kindermusik strengthens the emotional bond between you & your child
  • Kindermusik helps make great parenting easier by supporting you with ideas & resources to help you through the day


Curricula description, pricing, and scheduling information ~



Kindermusik for the Young Child Ages 4 - 7

$160/month for 30 minute classes - $240/month for 45 minute classes

Kindermusik for the Young Child prepares the student who is eager for first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery. The student will learn to read and write rhythms and notes, will learn the instruments of the orchestra, music from varying cultures, etc. The main instruments used are the glockenspiel (a small xylophone), a 2-string dulcimer, the recorder, and the piano.

This program is divided into 4 units, completed over the course of about two years. Classes are 30 or 45 minutes in length, time length chosen by the parent, according to your individual schedule & budget. Parents may attend class with the child or join in for the final 10-15 minutes. This may change as the child grows and becomes more comfortable with the program and teacher. There ARE home activities each week, so it is helpful if the parent is available to understand each week's "assignment". There is no real "practice time" or "assignments" for the child, however making music a part of your daily life is REQUIRED with thoughtful use of the home activities, engaging in the music while doing chores, driving in the car, at bathtime, bedtime, and other creative ways!

Materials fees for semesters 1 & 3 are $95.00, and $75.00 for semesters 2 & 4, and include the glockenspiel (1st & 2nd semester), 2-string dulcimer (3rd semester) and a recorder (4th semester). Semester commitments are required, with materials fees due prior to the first class of each unit. Each unit is 15 - 18 lessons. Kindermusik for the Young Child curriculum is progressive, meaning students must begin at the beginning, and for best results, finish all 4 units.

Private lessons allow us to custom design the pace of the classes, expand or contract any lesson plan as needed, and add piano to the instruments played. The schedule will be custom designed to fit your family needs.

Payments are due the first lesson of each month. Cash or checks are accepted, or payments via Google Pay are easy & convenient. Makeup classes are next to impossible, but if the child is sick and the teacher has been notified in due time, we will try to make up the lesson. If you know you will be gone in advance for a family vacation, notify the teacher as soon as possible for rescheduling purposes.
To discontinue classes, please provide a 30 day discontinuation notice. Being class enrollment is limited, and there may be students on a waiting list, you will be charged for the following month without a 30 day notice. These courtesies will be appreciated.