Piano Lessons For Adults        (Policies)

Many adults would like to take piano lessons, but hesitate due to certain fears & apprehensions, that include "I am not talented!" or "I am too old", or "It's too late" or "I have forgotten everything that I  learned when I took lessons as a child; I will be embarrassed!" Apprehensions are normal for adults. Jodi's School of Music has a great program for adult students, filled with understanding and encouragement. As an adult student, you will be respected and allowed to progress at your own pace.
If you sign up for adult piano lessons, keep in mind:

1. Most adult students think they will progress faster than they do. Most adults can expect that it will take 3 years to set a foundation for a musical background. The following couple of years will be spent applying the foundation you have gained to become a more proficient pianist. After 3 - 5 years , you will begin to reach the goals you have set for yourself and will begin to play the music that interests you most.

2. Adult students often believe they are required to practice every day. Reality is that life gets in the way for adult students - we have homes, jobs, and children that distract us from our hobbies. Practicing every day is recommended, but not required. It is more important to attend every lesson, as adult students will make progress in many ways, and in many areas of musicality, even without practicing every day.

It is also encouraging to know that it has been proven that studying piano prevents Alzheimer's disease. Keeping our mind active & providing stimulation is important to brain longevity. Playing the piano uses both hands, thus stimulates both sides of the brain, which can actually avoid depression. One last encouragement and reason to sign up for piano lessons - music therapy is effective! A nurse that studied piano study once told me that on days when she couldn't get to the piano, she had a headache. What more is there to say? Sign up today!