The studio at Jodi's School of Music has two seven foot grand pianos, a Kawai, the "workhorse", and a Bosendorfer, the "performance" piano. Having two pianos allows us to play 4 and/or 8 hand duets, concertos, (where one student plays as the solo pianist, and the teacher or 2nd pianist, plays a reduced orchestral score rewritten for the 2nd piano), and simply for the opportunity to play together, whether it be with a friend or the teacher. Having 2 pianos also encourages the student to listen in a more critical manner, enforces the student to keep going and not stop and stumble, and promotes making music together, when piano is often times a solo experience.

The studio also is home to a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-701. This keyboard is our recording "beast". This piano has many sounds, drum patterns, and bells and whistles. A student can record up to 16 tracks, save their newly arranged music and transfer this music to a a CD. All the students at Jodi's School of Music are recording artists! This piano is connected via MIDI to the computer for educational software that helps the student learn notes, chords, key signatures, and/or rhythms, etc. The student can also write music with this MIDI combination and can see and print the music they have composed or arranged. This gives the student great satisfaction. Many CDs and printed music are used for gifts for family members and friends.

The Kindermusik corner is for our younger students and families to work on rhythms with rhythm instruments, or to learn various musical concepts through movement exercises. (see Kindermusik for the Young Child in "The Program" menu for more information on this magical experience for ages 5 - 7). Kindermusik is an avenue to learn about music away from the piano, incorporating a glockenspiel, 2-string dulcimer and recorder.

At Jodi's School of Music we always encourage singing along while playing and have many budding vocal artists included in our music education. There is a guitar for the student's use, as well.