Hi Jodi - just thought you'd like this feedback from nighttime cuddles/questions:
I asked Zachary what the yuckiest part of music was ..... he pondered ... then said, "Nothing". Then I asked him what the yummiest part of music at Miss Jodi's was .... he quickly, nonchalantly said everything... well some things are frustrating, but then they all usually turn out right.  Thanks for helping our creative little middle child get to be his own person with you & for teaching him to learn to love music.
My favorite teacher of all time is Miss Jodi, my piano teacher who has taught me for four years.  Miss Jodi is patient. When you are having trouble with something, she waits and gives you hints. We used to do music flash cards, which is when she puts a little index card- sized flashcard, with notes on them, or signs such as what does 4-4 time mean, I would have to play the note and say its name or tell her what the signs mean within three seconds maximum, but if I didn't get it within that time, she would still wait for me to answer. If you waited past three seconds or got it wrong, she would put that in her pile, but if you got it within three seconds and it was right, I would put it in my pile. When we ran out of cards, we would count how many cards were in each pile, and whoever got the most cards won. If she only got one card or none, I would get a prize from the treasure box.

Miss Jodi is thoughtful. If you are in a bad mood or tired, she will take it easy, somehow she knows how you are feeling. She lets you have a few breaks to eat some cookies that she makes for her students almost every week. She will let you pet her dog, Mia, who is always lying by the pedals or begging Miss Jodi for her lunch that she eats during my lesson. On certain days that you are feeling good, she will work you hard and give you a treat afterward. I always leave in a good mood.

Miss Jodi has four pianos in the studio where she teaches. She has two grand pianos, a Kawai and a Bosendorfer which is used for performance practices. The third piano is a Steinway and Sons, but it's all hers, though I've played it once. Miss Jodi has an electric piano that we use to make CD's of our music. Miss Jodi is the best; I will never forget her and her love.
Kendra Horvath
I used to be a student of yours about 14 years ago, and I'd been meaning to track you down and write to you to thank you for all you did for me. Although my studies under you only lasted about 2 years, it was a lifetime worth of influence and I still think of my time spent with you often. You were the first person who recognized my musical potential and really laid a foundation for excellence in my playing, and that has carried with me throughout the years. Now as an adult, I've played in various bands and have had the opportunity to play with many musicians who respect me for the standard of musical excellence that you instilled within me. I had a couple other piano teachers since you, and I feel neither benefited at all, let alone influenced me in any way near your teaching.

I always wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to me, and for challenging me on the level I was capable of being challenged on, even as a child. Neither of
my parents have a musical understanding. and I honestly depended on the wonderful encouragement and feedback of me that you would give them in order for them to recognize the need for music in me. That alone paved the way for allowing them to value the love of my life - music. I hope to hear from you that you have still been teaching and doing well after all these years!
Thank you again,
Jennifer Pearson (formerly Jennifer Halvorsen - I was a little shy 11 year old Asian girl you taught in 1995).